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Fisheries Global Production 2005-2012


The fisheries sector, focused on the Government goals, managed to contribut in increasing the global production from 86.000 tones in 2005 to 213.000 tons in 2012.
This has also contributed to increased availability of fish for human consumption. Available data show that the fisheries sector represents 4% of the global exports from Moçambique, with shrimp, Kapenta and Deep Water Shrimp as the biggest contributors to this figure (3% of GDP).

The policy implemented in order to achieve these objectives, contained adjusting the industrial fishing effort towards preservation of fishery resources, to ensure sustainability. This led to a growth in terms of contribution to overall production from the Artisanal Fisheries.
The performance of the fisheries sector in these sub-sectors and the following improvement of the living conditions of communities fishing is also a result of the adoption of improved fishing gear, dissemination of improved conservation techniques with proper use of ice, salting and smoking and even the introduction of the massification program for small-scale aquaculture.