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Antillas Reefer for Integrated Surveillance


Agostinho Mondlane, Minister of Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries, delivered the Antillas Reefer vessel to the Ministry of National Defense, Atanásio M’tumuke, in order for this may serve not only for fisheries surveillance but into several other activities that go on in the Mozambican territorial waters.

Mondlane, said that the vessel "Antilles Reefer" now belongs to the right institution. "We consider that the transference of this vessel to the Ministry of Defence is the most appropriate action because the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries has the boat, but has no operational capability. We transfer to those who have more capability, both human and operational, so that the boat will serve not only for fisheries surveillance but for many other activities, "said the Minister.

For his turn, M'tumuke, welcomed the initiative and said that the ship will not only enhance the Mozambique Navy War but will also will contribute to the proper performance of the noble mission of this branch of the Armed Forces of Mozambique Defense, making it more versatile and more effective in the tasks facing.

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