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Invest in Aquaculture and Wines Money


Mozambique has a coastline of about 2,470 km long, with a diversity of habitats that includes sandy beaches, coastal dunes, coral reefs, estuaries, bays, mangrove, among others and an estimated population of 25 million inhabitants, of which about 2/3 (16 million) lives along the sea coast and off the great masses of inland waters.

The jurisdictional waters of Mozambique have a great diversity of living and non-living resources (fishing, Hydrocarbons, minerals and others) and cover about 5 988 Km2 of the total surface (67%) of the rivers 520 000 Km2 are of the maritime waters and 15 988 Km2 of inland waters.
The inland waters comprise 8 main rivers (Rovuma, Lúrio, Zambézia , Púngue, Búzi, Save, Limpopo, Incomati and Maputo, 4 lakes (Niassa, Chiúta, Chirua and Amaramba) and 5 reservoirs (Cahora Bassa, Massingir, Chicamba Real, Pequenos Libombos and Corrumana) all rich in resources, (Tilapias and kapenta) with considerable potential to provide a considerable increase in current levels of production and consequently the volume of exports.