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New personnel challenged to make a difference

novos quadros desafiados a fazer a diferenca

To make a difference in character and above all in knowing what to do, this is what the deputy Minister of Sea, Interior Waters and Fishery requested from the 41 technicians graduated in Thursday, 2th January, 2017, in the Fishing School, Maputo Province.
The deputy minister who was speaking at the basic-medium level technicians graduation ceremony, the first in its kind hosted by this technical and professional school, urged the graduates to generate jobs in the provinces from where they are coming from and not just apply for employment.
Among the diverse courses thought in the school are agriculture, fish breeding in pools which is an activity widely applied across the country, marine machinery, Biology and Fishery Extension, navigation and Fishery.
The deputy minister was taken for a ride in the bay (by boat) and in this process, some students showed what they have learned to the deputy minister Enrique Bongece and to other people who went to the school to witness the occurrence.
The deputy minister highlighted that the ceremony was a reason for Mozambique pride since it would, from then on, account with highly qualified professionals for aquaculture that has been elected for food production. He also underlined that the graduation ceremony was not an end per si, not even a mission for the graduates but rather the beginning of a life cycle where the search for expertise and technical competence was a key factor and a helping mean for the graduates in participating in the multiple faced development of Mozambique, said the director.
Created soon after the national independence, the school has enjoyed moments of lethargy characterized by lack of qualified labor that could give the required dynamic and guarantee the training of new personnel.
In 1990 by means of a ministerial Decree, the school was reactivated and restarted its training task of medium and basic level technicians. From its existence up to now, the school has graduated 2154 who are working across the country.
The technicians graduated on Thursday subscribed in 2011 and are represented by all provinces.
Antonio Remedio, the Dean of the School, said that the graduation ceremony is the first ever organized in the school and that it was a determinant step toward new challenges.
Beside those students that attended lesson during the three years course, 30 other officials from the provincial directorates of Sea, Interior Waters and Fishery were in the school for refreshing their knowledge, as per the Director, for the aim of growth; the country requires highly qualified personnel.( in …. Noticias. 04.02.17)