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Authorities Destroys Hazardous Fishing Equipment

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More than 80 fishing materials, mostly mosquito nets, were destroyed in the district of Angoche, Nampula Province, in the scope of a work that has been undertaken by the governmental authorities aiming at discouraging bad practices.
Artisanal Fishery by using mosquito nets and other hazardous material put marine species existence at stake. The material apprehended last January by a multi-sectorial team of inspection lead by the fishery sector in diverse locations of fishing activities has been recently destroyed.
Jacinto, Nanvara, the Director of the Economic Activities of Angoche, explained that the destruction is part of the inspection campaign, therefore, it has been intensified having into account the need for fulfilling the vetting period of prawns fishing.
According to the source, the problem is more concerning with the knowledge that prohibited fishing material are preferentially used in areas of wide reproduction of marine species in the district.
Jacinto Nanvara, added that, having into account the reality lived in Angoche, the governmental authorities will continue promoting activities pertaining to community awareness on the need for preservation of marine species, and it goes necessarily through the usage of an adequate material for artisanal fishery.
Recently, the governor of Nampula Province, Victor Borges, gathered together with Angoche fishermen urging them to promote the usage of material that contributes for the increase of fishing capture without putting at stake the conservation of marine species.
( In Noticias… 06.02.17)