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Beira hosts SWIOFish training


The City of Beira hosted a Training on Monitoring & Evaluation and Environmental & Social Safeguards of the SWIOFish Project1, from 23 to 26 May, with the participation of the IDEPA, DEPI, ADNAP, IIP, DNOP, DIPOL, INIP, FFP, DPMIMAIPS, DPMIMAIPZ, DPMIMAIPN and the SDAE of the coastal zones of Zambézia, Sofala and Nampula.
The training also served to familiarize the procedures applied by the World Bank and the Mozambican Government, to fill in the ESSF form for the impacts identification, Monitoring and Evaluation of environmental and social indicators, Environmental Audit, consequences of a lack of implementation procedures, responsibility of each Intervener and others.
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