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Alarm as Tanzania fish stocks drop


Tanzania has recorded a sharp decline of fish stocks in the Indian Ocean, blamed on the use of dynamite fishing and overfishing. Recent reports from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries note that sea pirates have been fishing illegally in deep waters using dynamite.

It is estimated that fish catches declined to at least 360,000 tonnes in 2016 from an average 390,000 tonnes over the past four years.

Tanzania’s total demand is 730,000 tonnes of fish per year. Local companies have now resorted to importing fish from China, with data showing that 2,000 tonnes of mackerel fish from the Asian country enter Tanzania every month.

Deputy Minister for livestock and fisheries Abdallah Ulega said that the government is seeking to stop the use of dynamite in fishing, which destroys breeding grounds for most fish species. "The ministry will also educate fishermen on ways to increase output," said Mr. Ulega.

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