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EU and African countries plan measures against Illegal Fishing

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Representatives of the European Commission (EC), the Spanish Government, Atlantic African countries, fleets and NGOs have coordinated new joint measures to strengthen the fight against illegal fishing in waters of the African continent.
The European Long Distance Fleet Advisory Council (LDAC) - with representatives of the sector and NGOs-, and the Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation between African States (COMHAFAT/ATLAFCO) met in Madrid to analyze the 2018 priorities, such as the control of the fishing grounds.
The ATLAFCO groups more than twenty African nations of the Atlantic, among which are Morocco, Senegal and Namibia.
At the meeting, Europeans and Africans discussed the progress in the actions in these waters, within the framework of development cooperation, among other areas.

See more….in ITN N° 05 22/03/2018, pag 5.