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World Oceans Day



Under the motto "Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions to a healthy ocean", the World Oceans Day was celebrated today, June 8, throughout the country. The ceremony was chaired by the Vice Minister of the Sea, Inland Water and Fisheries, Henriques Bongece.

The purpose of this celebration is to recall the importance of the oceans to the balance of life on planet Earth. To this end, several activities have been carried out under the direction of the Ministry of Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries (MIMAIP) to publicize the potential of the Sea for the economic and social development of the country, as well as awareness of the need for its protection in view of the dangers arising from their increasing use.

The central ceremony took place at the Francisco Manyanga Secondary School in Maputo, with a lecture on marine litter in the presence of students.

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