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Annual Journalism Award on the Sea

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As part of the celebrations of World Oceans Day, celebrated this year under the motto "Prevent Plastic Pollution and Encourage Solutions for a Healthy Ocean", the Ministry of Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries has launched the Annual Journalism Prize about the Sea subjects.

This ceremony was led by the minister of the sector, Agostinho Mondlane, who drew attention of journalists on a subject of great concern on a global scale, waste plastic, which in Mozambique is also the largest percentage of marine litter.

"We would like, therefore, in this challenging task of combating marine litter - because it challenges our individual and collective intelligence - to count on the valuable collaboration of the Press, reporting and raising awareness among the institutions, in particular, and the population, in general, about the harmful consequences of marine litter on the health of the seas and oceans, on the health of the fish we consume and hence on our own health, " said Mondlane.

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