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Project Inception and Theory of change workshop


Within the framework of the MARPLASTICCS Initiative of IUCN, which aims to combat pollution by marine plastic, a workshop will be held on September 5-6 at the VIP hotel, with the following theme: Project Inception and Theory of change workshop.

This project, which has the partnership of IUCN and the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), was launched in 2017, a 3 year initiative on marine plastics and coastal communities (MARPLASTICCs) and implemented in two regions and five countries.

The purpose of the workshop is to concretely advance project strategy and prioritization at the national level, as well as to ensure clarity about the project management structure, roles and decisions through the development of project change and monitoring theory and learning system. The overall expected result is to increase effectiveness in engaging and delivering results within the MARPLASTICCs project through alignment with common vision, impact paths, and communication protocols.

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