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Matibane: Integrated fish farming in serious development


In Nacuxa, administrative post of Matibane in Mossuril, the Government is strongly supporting the fish farming. At present, there are a total of twenty-seven fish ponds, of which thirteen have an average of 2500 fingerlings each, in an field in which also they produce cultures of short and favorable cycle, such as: cabbage, carrot , lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, beet and other crops.

The activity, which is new in the region, is being developed by farmers and is assisted by an extensionist technician who gives all the technical support to the producers, monitoring all the activities related to the opening of tanks, rehabilitation and general management of tanks.

It is expected that in a period of four months, until January, the fish will already be able to be consumed. This process is part of the policy measures implemented and has an immediate impact on Small Scale Aquaculture in order to significantly increase Production.