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Pebane has the market for the 1st sale of fish enlarged.

Pebane district will have a market for the 1st sale of fish enlarged and expanded, due to the significant fish volume traded in that coastal district of the Zambézia province.
According to Salimo Abdala, president of the market, the orientation of rehabilitation, expansion and equipping of the market, was left by the Minister of Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries, Salvador Mondlane, during his visit to that coastal district. In the conservation area, the rehabilitated market will have eight freezers, a refrigerator container and an ice maker.
Pebane has an area of 10,182 km2 and an estimated population of 229,000 inhabitants, where most of it develops fishing as the main activity, this district contributes around 25% of the province's global fishery production, estimated at around 15,000 tonnes per year.

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