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Marquês de Pombal Street
     nº 285
 +258 (21) 357 100
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Fish marketing generates wealth in Quichanga


Fátima Atija is a case of success, obtained through the income in the commercialization of fishery products. Muzur is a 48-year-old mother of three children and employs the same number of workers who help her in the business. She has been selling fish since 2014, when she gained confidence in the Quichanga village and also from the local government, because of her serious work and commitment to their clients.
She received support from the Government, which increased her production and productivity. With the profits from the fish sale, she is building a residential hosting for visitors to Pebane, consisting of nine rooms equipped and that provides accommodation and meals to students of the Health course in the area of Polivantes Agents, promoted by District Health Services of Pebane.
She also managed to buy, freezers for conservation of fish, motorcycles for taxi services, furniture for her home and residential hosting and currently has eighteen fixed customers, besides those who eventually appear to request their services, both hosting, as well such as meals and fish acquisition.